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How God’s Word Helped Peter After Wife’s Sudden Passing

by | Tue, May 26 2020

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Peter grew up in a Christian family. From Sunday school and Church as a child, he moved on to chapel in the army. But in 2008, after he’d left the military, something happened which completely renewed his commitment to Christ.

He was working with the Salvation Army, and they’d asked him to remove a candle and poster, but every morning for four days, he found it was back again. Eventually, he realised that God was speaking to him. “I just gave my heart to the Lord from that day,” he said.

Since then, he’s deepened his relationship with God through theology courses, Bible study and “active service”, as he describes it. These strong foundations have helped him weather the storms in his life, like the sudden death of his wife, two days before Christmas in 2016.

Peter was able to find comfort in the way God takes away “the sting of death”, and the certainty that she would be in Heaven. “The Lord has just provided for me everything that I need in his time, but it has given me the strength not only to carry on myself, but to support others and help other people.”

Partly he does that in practical ways, working on boat crew and as a radio operator for Marine Rescue. During the recent Bateman’s Bay bushfires, he worked in triage at the evacuation centre, offering resuscitation to a three-week-old baby and a 92-year-old woman suffering from smoke inhalation, and prioritising treatment of up to seven patients simultaneously until paramedics could arrive.

Peter’s Faith helped him face uncertainty without fear. He says he’s seen a lot of resilience in the community. “I’ve been evacuated four times, and I’ve lived probably 20 days at home in two months. And it does take a toll on us. But we seem to be bouncing back. We give support to each other.”

The other way Peter offers support is through distributing Vision’s the Word for Today. He understands the power of a candle in the darkness, and he feels we live in a dark world, where the wrong priorities can easily get people lost. “They want to just pretend that family comes first, and after that, whoever is going to come into their life.”

“But it doesn’t work that way. If you have a saviour, you know that you’re going to live a life with Jesus Christ, that he will look after everything.”

Peter wants to see our devotionals given for free to anyone who needs them to help in their spiritual upbringing. He’s left them in coffee shops, schools, laundromats, with Marine Rescue, and even at the homes of his children, who don’t share his faith. “It’s up to the people who actually pick them up whether they want to take them,” he said.

Peter is certain the vision God gave Bob and Debby Gass is changing lives and bringing people closer to Christ. “The Scripture-based devotion is just supportive, and complements everything that they write about. And it’s affected my life for me to want to do what’s written in those books.”

On the day we spoke to him, the blackout in the area had taken our local transmitter offline. But unperturbed, Peter streamed Vision in the car on the way to meet us. He loves how we’re spreading the Word in the outback, but because we’re streaming online, he pointed out that we’re actually taking the Gospel anywhere in the World with an internet connection.

One of the reasons he supports Vision is our commitment to providing something for everybody. From podcasts to magazines, Ministry to music, he’s proud to help contribute to something that’s offering such a variety of Christian media.  “And I do believe that God, and Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, will talk to people through this outlet.”

We love Peter’s energetic commitment to putting the word where people can stumble upon it. And we know people like him all over the country are spreading the good news. But there are many more who need it during this crisis. Help us light candles in the dark for the lost and afraid.

The Vision family stretches far and wide and when a family member is in need, we all unite in prayer together.

Will you join with us this Visionathon to ensure that this ministry can keep going and help more people find Real Hope.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation online or call our Visionathon phone room on 1800 316 316.

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