“I was raised from the dead!” – Dr Sean, Kalgoorlie, WA

Ben Farley | vision.org.au
“Vision Radio brings that hope to life. It brings our faith to a concrete place where we can actually see that there is hope in the world.”

This is Doctor Sean George, a Visionathon donor, but with a difference.

9 years ago Dr Sean died from a massive heart attack.

“They did CPR for well over an hour. I had 13 electrical shocks. They tried everything and told my wife to come in and say goodbye,” Sean said.

For more than an hour Sean was clinically dead as his wife continued to pray for him.

“I was only 39 and not expecting this to happen…I was an associate professor of medicine and heading the department of internal medicine.’

Sean said he was driving to Kalgoorlie when he suffered a massive heart attack and managed to get to the small town of Kambalda where he suffered a cardiac arrest.

“It was actually one hour and 25-minutes later,” Sean recalled, saying he eventually awoke from the coma 3-days later.

Amazingly, Sean’s brain was 100 percent normal. A miracle considering his brain had not been receiving enough blood during that time.

“My kidneys were gone, my liver was gone. I had to have dialysis, but my brain which had been dead was 100 percent normal.”

Dr Sean said he’s challenged medical professionals worldwide to give him any other possible explanation other than our miracle-working God.

“Jesus is the same, yesterday today and forever and the same God that raised Lazarus from the dead raised me from the dead.”

“Let’s be honest, we live in a broken world and every day you see hopelessness, you see despair, you see a number of increased suicides, and all of this happening, but there’s hope in Jesus, there’s hope in God.”

“I’m hoping there are listeners like me, all over Australia, who would listen to Vision and see the hope in Jesus.”

“There is love in the hearts of people for our community and it’s Vision that brings that to life.”    


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