In an Uncertain Year, God Provided Bonnie Certainty

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This year, we’ve experienced incredible amounts of uncertainty. No one could have predicted the changes that were coming, and the way each and every one of us would be affected. In Australia, a large population faced unemployment as Covid-19 struck, leaving many individuals questioning, “Where do I go from here?”

Sarina, a rural town 35kms south of Mackay, surrounded by canefields, is home to Bonnie and Ronald – who faced such employment uncertainty recently.

Sarina canetoad
Sarina's famous giant cane toad. (Photo credit: credit: Alizada Studios /

Ronald was employed as a FIFO worker in the mines for almost eighteen years, while Bonnie raised their family. The couple, growing weary of the lifestyle, began considering alternatives. As Covid continued to impact employment opportunities, Ronald struggled to find work elsewhere, despite applying for several other jobs.

As the pressure of finding work closer to home grew, Ronald was offered voluntary redundancy by his workplace. Choosing to accept the offer, but still not having a new job lined up, Bonnie and Ronald wrestled with decision, and how it would affect their future, asking themselves, “Have we made the right decision?”

As they battled with this uncertainty, God offered encouragement to Ronald in an unexpected way. As Ronald was stopped at a stop-sign driving one day, Vision Radio, which had lost signal during the drive beforehand, suddenly became clear. Ronald heard the lyrics, “God’s not done, God’s not finished writing your story.”

*Snippet of song: “God’s Not Done With You – Tauren Wells*

As Ronald pulled away from the stop-sign, the radio cut out again. As he drove, Ronald thought to himself, “Okay, thank you Lord, I’ll take that on – I’m happy to keep going.

Isaiah 30:18 – “Therefore the Lord will wait, that He may be gracious to you; And therefore He will be exalted…Blessed are those who wait for him.”

One line from a song, at a stop-sign, right on the edge of signal, gave Ronald all he needed to hear to feel encouraged and heard by God.

When you respond with your donation towards Visionathon, it’s as if you are sitting in the car right next to Ronald as he is trying to work out, “Where to from here?” Your donation works as a reminder for listeners to look to God rather than the problems they might be facing.

The ripple of effect of your donation, no matter how large or small, spreads far and wide – allowing Vision Radio to offer reassurance, support and inspiration to people like Ronald, at just the right time.

Listen to Bonnie share her story.

The Vision family stretches far and wide and when a family member is in need, we all unite in prayer together.

Will you join with us this Visionathon to ensure that this ministry can keep going and keep growing to be a lifeline of Real Hope to those like Tania facing unexpected hardships.

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