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Mark from Buderim in QLD says that God has saved his life on many occasions and shares about several of those life altering moments, including going to prison.

He was introduced to Vision by an ‘annoying, persistent Christian friend’, who stood by him through everything. Mark even helped put up a Vision sign in Mackay which is still there today.

“God saved me in every sense of the word,” says Mark. “The most recent one, apart from daily things where I’m freehand climbing mountains, is I spent three to four months in hospital getting full titanium replacements in my heart valves. I had to have a full vascular rebuild after signing paperwork to have both my legs amputated. I had a disease that started eating away at the inside of my body, and I also have two teenaged kids that had to stand by and watch it all.”

Mark talks about how the persistence of his Christian friends helped begin his journey back in 2009. “They introduced me way back then to Vision radio, and we actually ended up hanging a sign in one of the main streets of Mackay. My friends were persistent, and I’ve been listening to Vision ever since.”

Mark says that for him, Vision is like fuel in his tank. “It keeps my eyes fixed on Jesus. It’s my morning start. It’s my evening finish. Whether it’s listening to the podcast at nighttime to fall asleep to, or just simply in the morning with the wake-up crew, it’s everything. When I’m about to go climbing now, it’ll be playing away in my pocket.”

Mark wants to put out a challenge to everyone to donate to Visionathon. “Honestly give to Vision radio. Dig deep into your pockets because whatever you give is going to such an amazing cause. God is great. He is the doer of impossible things, and He is a game changer. Give with your heart, knowing that He will fill every aspect of your life.”

“Thank you, Vision radio.”

The Vision family stretches far and wide and when a family member is in need, we all unite in prayer together.

Will you join with us this Visionathon to ensure that this ministry can keep helping people to connect to God today and in the future.

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