Small Gifts Add Up to Big Miracles

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Tuesday, May 25th, 2021
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you can help people look to God

“God’s family is still so much bigger. And there’s just so much more when we do it together.”

Bruce from Wondai joined Robbo and Becci, to remind us all that if we all play our small part, God can use it to add up to something big.

“God’s got it,” Bruce says. “He owns all the wealth, and He can let it loose. I reflect back on when the government canceled registration stickers. Would you believe that at 70 cents each for postage, the amount the government saved on that would have been what we’re looking for this week.”

“That’s the thing, isn’t it? People say, oh, well I’ve only got five bucks so I won’t give. But no, all those $5 donations make a huge difference. Imagine all those 70 cent postage stamps adding up to $1.4 million.”

Bruce has been a faithful supporter of Vision for many years, and encourages everyone to be part of helping achieve this vital fundraising goal.

“I appreciate vision,” says Bruce. “I appreciate what’s out there and the very positive stuff that comes through on it. And it’s a reminder to everyone that God’s family is bigger than their own little church, even if their own little church is as big as Hillsong.

God’s family is still so much bigger. And there’s just so much more when we do it together.”

The Vision family stretches far and wide and when a family member is in need, we all unite in prayer together.

Will you join with us this Visionathon to ensure that this ministry can keep helping people to connect to God today and in the future.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation online to our mid year appeal.

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