Ony Died, Then 20 Minutes Later a Miracle Happened


Ony died on 12th July this year….but fortunately not for long.

Ony said it was just another run of the mill day and nothing out of the ordinary happened.

But later that evening she was showing her husband some pictures on her mobile.

“Shortly after a thought came to mind and I remember quoting Psalm 91 where it says God is going to satisfy us with a long life and assure us of salvation.”

“And the moment I said salvation I started to have this funny feeling in my head.”

Ony remembers lying on her stomach on the bed and when she lifted her head up the pain got worse. That’s when she shouted ‘Jesus!’

“The next thing I know I’m on the floor with four pairs of eyes steering down at me.”

The eyes belonged to ambulance officers and police who were also in the room. The only one making a noise was Ony’s husband who just happened to be screaming his head off!

Ony of course asked what was happening and one of the ambos responded and told her to remain where she was for the moment.

“You just lie down there. You’ve just had a cardiac arrest. We’re actually glad you’re back.”

“I remember when I ‘came to’ on the floor I had my vision back but not my hearing. And then I heard my husband saying why would God allow this to happen. We all know Him, we worship Him.”

Ony quickly tried to calm him down saying, “I’m here. Don’t worry. God is awesome!”

When Ony had passed out on the bed her husband started CPR and told the children to call for an ambulance.

They told her she’d been out for about 20 minutes. Out was the word they used at that point. Before the word was ‘dead.’ But that was prior to her miraculous resurrection.

The doctors and the ambulance people were astounded. They’d already filled in the necessary papers and the police were there to confirm Ony’s death.

“They couldn’t believe it because I was a lot healthier than what the medical records said.”

Ony was as alive as anyone could be. Talking and laughing and giving God the glory but also thankful for the medical staff who had attended to her.

“I know that God did wonders,” Ony said, before mentioning The Word For Today which the family regularly all get to hear about from Ony and her husband.

That said, Ony’s husband won’t be forgetting his wife’s death and her supernatural recovery anytime soon.

“He keeps saying to me Jesus took you and Jesus brought you back.”

As for Ony’s older children there’s been a need to walk them through it and reassure them exactly what had occurred.

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