Steve Grace – I Saw the Light

Steve Grace with his Dad

Gospel muso Steve Grace happened to be at home when Vision gave him a call during Visionathon.

It helps a lot if you play one of Steve’s many songs from Vision Radio’s playlist. It opens him up. And on this occasion it happened to be Steve’s version of the golden oldy evergreen ‘I Saw the Light’.

Being at home for a change Steve shared about a few of the ups and downs of family life.

In fact, Steve’s dad hasn’t been in the best of health lately. He’s done a stint in hospital and Steve’s wife’s also been in the wars with some back issues.

“Miraculously there’s been a real healing there but it was good for me to be home so I’ve taken some time out.”

Steve’s dad also happens to be a big fan of The Word For Today and couldn’t help himself when he had the opportunity to pass them around to one and all during his hospital stay.

“He ordered a stash of them and wherever he goes he’s always got them in his car and loves using them as a way of encouraging people,” Steve said, saying his dad’s a great ambassador for the cause.

Steve proved he’s definitely a chip off the old block and gave Vision a rap for the way it promotes and distributes The Word for The Day.

“It’s done in such a practical way. Getting people to either read for themselves but being refreshed daily so they have something to share with others.”

Steve was on a roll as he shared that wherever he goes, and Steve’s an ‘I’ve been everywhere’ kind of man, he meets many people in the Vision Radio family, including himself.

“Thank you for all you are doing and for those who love praying for and supporting Vision, and thanks for your generosity to see Vision year by year just growing and impacting more lives.”

Hey, thank you too, Steve.

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