The Sheep and the Good Shepherd – Anna Heatherington

Lone Sheep

Anna Heatherington is living through the worst drought on record.

Her property’s in Queensland’s outback past Longreach where there’s been no decent rain for more than 6 years.

But God’s given Anna a whole new perspective and she spoke about an incident that occurred when moving a mob of sheep into a laneway…baa one!

“There was this one particular sheep at the back and it was weak. The sheep get wool blind which means the wool covers their eyes and they can’t forage for food very well.”

Anna noticed how the weaker wool blind sheep was comforted by the stronger sheep and kept attempting to walk with them until it eventually collapsed. Being the consummate sheep-herder that she is, Anna stepped in and picked it up.

Anna and familly

“The funny thing was normally sheep drop down and you go and pick them up, but this sheep actually jumped in to my buggy and laid on my feet!”

Anna said the sheep wasn’t a pet but it instinctively seemed to know it had found a safe place to rest.

“It really struck me that the Lord cares for each and every one of us. He’s a patient shepherd and He will work to get us in with the strong mob and that’s where I see Vision playing a very important role.”

Anna likened Vision to being the stronger voice in the group and a presence where the Lord can shine through to those weaker, or in situations where they can’t be part of the group.

“(Vision radio) boosts you up,” Anna exclaimed. “In an isolated situation you can turn it on and hear people chatting about the Word of God and speaking positively and that’s important.”

In response to Anna’s testimony in the drought-stricken outback, Vision CEO Phil Edwards stressed how important it is to have the right tools to do the job.

For Vision Christian Media this is essential in its current quest to raise a million dollars if it’s to fulfil the task the Lord has laid before it.

“When we work together we can see that happen,” Phil stressed as he called upon Vision’s listeners to join with Vision and reach more Australians with the Gospel.

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