‘We Are Not Alone’ – Bruce from Wondai Qld

“In these isolated communities where there’s not a lot of fellowship or pastoral ministry it’s great to be able to say, ‘Hey, go to Vision Christian media, go to The Word for Today, be part of it, that resource is there to use.”    

Bruce from Wondai in Queensland is no stranger to Vision Radio.

He and his wife were holidaying in Victoria about 12 years ago when they first came across the station and he’s been a Visionathon donor ever since.

True Hope 2017


But very sadly, Bruce’s wife passed away unexpectedly in 2016.

“It’s been a rough 12-months or so,” Bruce lamented before testifying about how the Lord had been increasingly speaking to him through the Word over the past year.”

“I am with you, I go before you, I will never leave you…those sorts of passages,” Bruce quoted and included the peace he has experienced through the Word.

Other Scriptures the Lord has been highlighting for Bruce have had to do with security. ‘I will gather you under My wing as a hen gathers her chickens’.

Bruce said he’s been personally blessed and encouraged over the years through listening to Vision…a practice that has staved off the tendency toward isolation.

“You realise that Neil Johnson with 20Twenty, the people he talks to on a regular basis who are there at the coalface, and sitting down to listen to Ravi Zacharias on a regular basis.”

“Vision is the encouragement there to tell us we are not alone.”

Bruce also shared how the rural community he’s connected with in central western Queensland are so blessed to have Vision Radio.



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