Braille, Love & God’s Perfect Timing

girl reading braille

It was ‘Testimony Tuesday’ on Vision radio. Steve from Chinchilla called in to share a story and uplift the name of God. While he was on the phone, he happened to mention that he’d met an 11-year-old girl who is blind. He said it would be lovely to see a Perkins Braille machine organised for her. Steve commented that he knows braille and was keen to teach her.

We put the call out to our Rise and Shine listeners, asking anyone who might have some information to call in. A few minutes later a woman called saying she wanted to cover any freight costs associated with getting the machine delivered to the girl.

Almost before we knew it one thing led to another as our Vision family caught the dream and ran with it. Another call came from someone who had heard us talking about the machine and wanted to donate $500 toward it. This quickly resulted in more calls—seven in all—and soon almost $1500 was pledged toward a machine.

One caller promised to chip in any shortfall. I did some Googling and found that you can buy a new one for $1700 from Vision Australia (no relation).

Incredibly, by 9 am I was able to call Steve back to tell him the good news! He was happy to coordinate the purchase so we gave all of the callers his contact details.

It was a living ‘testimony’ of love in action to watch the way God moved on people’s hearts that Tuesday morning and brought them in to fulfill a dream that will change a young girl’s life.

One of the most interesting aspects that Steve shared was that, on the weekend before, he’d preached about God’s perfect timing. He then said he had tried to call Vision on Monday to share the need for the braille machine, but couldn’t get through! God obviously had His reasons for wanting it shared on Tuesday!

 A huge ‘thank you’ to these members of our Vision family for banding together on behalf of just one girl in Chinchilla.

And another huge ‘thank you’ to our entire Vision family who support our dream of trusted Christian Media for Every Australian in so many different ways: from helping get out The Word for Today and Vision180 magazines to sharing the Good News on Facebook, to backing the installation of new radio stations in remote locations to praying for people all around the country. And so much more.

Will you dream bigger with us, to see more lives changed, to live our lives with eternal purpose? Donate online here or phone our Visionathon team on 1800 316 316. 


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