Unprecedented For 800 Years…


It’s the most intense, widespread and record-breaking drought in eight centuries.

The current drought in Australia is, according to historical research, unprecedented. As we look around we see many pictures of how farmers are struggling with survival across this great country of ours. I’m sure that you will agree this brings up many feelings from those who are in drought declared and affected areas – these feelings can range from
hopelessness, desperation and even the questioning of why. It certainly has been incredibly encouraging to see the rally of support for our farmers in terms of practical support.

But this is not just a physical drought. It's also a spiritual one. As our country continues to move away from our Christian roots it’s even more important for Vision to continue pointing Australia back to Jesus and the spiritual water that only He can give.

Through Vision Christian Radio and The Word for Today, Vision is able to speak directly into this spiritual drought with the life giving message of Jesus.

We are excited by how the Vision family is responding to this with one of our farmers wanting to sow financially into the drought relief. As part of this, Vision will be distributing a special edition of The Word for Today for farmers in some of the most drought affected areas. We pray that this will help families grasp on to the hope that Jesus is in these difficult times.

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Please pray with us that these will reach the people who need it most.

So how can you be involved???

  • Continue to give financially to the various appeals across our country giving practical assistance to farmers.
  • Join us over the month of October in praying for drought breaking rain across our country.
  • Pray for the special edition of The Word for Today as it reaches farmers most in need and that God will speak directly to them.


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