The Drought Breaks!!

Drought Breaker

Thank you for praying with us - for rain and for our nation.

‘It’s gone from blowing dust all the time to a beautiful green tinge everywhere!’ Tricia Agar’s farming family was featured on a Vision postcard in September last year asking our supporters to pray for our nation and for rain.

The Agars live west of Wyandra, south of Charleville in outback Queensland. Since March they’ve received over 100 mm on their property, in parts nearly 125 mm.

‘The dust would blow continuously,’ Tricia said, ‘because there was nothing on the ground to hold it.

Now every day the green is growing up a tiny bit more… We haven’t had any summer rain since 2012. We are so thankful that there’s been such a huge prayer effort. I just know it’s the prayers of so many wonderful Australians not only helping to keep us up but also to keep upright the farmers around us who so often don’t know God. But the prayers of the saints have just such huge effect—we were really down to our last.’

Tricia—and all the farmers who are doing it tough in so many different parts of Australia—have real hope but are not free of trouble yet. Her family still has a huge hay feed bill to pay because of the drought and they still need rain to fall at the right time for their stock. If you’re praying for farming in Australia, their message is: please keep on keeping on!


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