The New Season Has Begun!

Vision's New Hub

After a lot of faith and hard work, what a thrill to be able to begin operating from the new Vision Christian Media Hub at Springwood in Brisbane!

We give God praise for the blessing of this spacious building and its potential to reach so many more Australians with the True Hope of the Gospel. God has positioned us here for ‘bigger things’ (although we might take a moment to catch our breath before launching into new things ahead).

In the wake of coronavirus, many are seeking God and looking for answers. We pray for a move of God to sweep Australia and the world as His Word goes out and more and more believers follow Jesus’ calling to be salt and light amongst those who are searching for Him in our families, communities and nation.

This new facility has state-of-the-art radio and recording studios, production facilities, newsroom, high-speed computer networks, a private room for the Prayer Team, a great new display area for the Store and plenty of light filled spaces for our team and volunteers to collaborate.

We have also allocated space for a dedicated video recording studio to be established in the near future.

We’ve called it the Vision Christian Media ‘Hub’ because that is precisely what it will be— a place where Christian communicators can gather together to proclaim the Lord’s name to the entire nation and beyond, sending out the Good News in all directions just like spokes in a wheel.

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