Hal Short – A pioneer who made Vision Christian Radio possible

by | Thu, Nov 15 2018

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Hal Short

All I can say is that God has been faithful.

Living legends from the early days of Christian radio are few and far between.

To catch one of these rare species is almost the same as tracking down a Tasmanian tiger. But the intrepid tenacious and determined Visionathon trackers cornered and captured the next best thing…the one and only and far from becoming extinct, Hal Short!

Hal Short, a former president of United Christian Broadcasters International, was there at the very beginning of Christian radio.

Following a successful launch of Christian radio in New Zealand Hal remembers flying to Australia with Richard Berry the founder of the group many, many years ago.

“We’d be looking across the nation and thinking, ‘Lord, what You’ve been doing with us we want to see go into this country.”

Hal admitted he’s a visionary like his peer and Australian counterpart, Ian Worby.

“I’m a pioneer who wants to see Christianity go into every corner of this great nation and I think God birthed the vision, and because we stuck with it and trusted Him and were faithful to that vision, He gave us more and more.”

Hal Short

Hal remembered one of the things they used to say about Vision radio, about it being more than just a trusted brand.

“But not just a trusted brand for the people but it’s also being a trusted brand with God. And because we trusted God and God trusted us, He gave us more,” Hal shared as he reflected upon the struggles of those early days.

“All I can say is that God has been faithful.”

If anyone truly appreciates the uniqueness of Vision Radio and what it means for Australia, Hal Short certainly does.

“It covers the nation and our goal is Christian radio for every Australian. But we’re not there yet,” Hal admitted.

What Hal Short wants, (and what Vision wants,) is for every person to tune in to Vision radio should they wish to.

“This is the goal and always has been the goal and that hasn’t changed.”

Hal often thinks about Vision and how it goes into small towns, communities and to places where Christian information is not readily available.

“We bring access to some of the best speakers and some of the best music in the Christian realm into far flung places. Places where they wouldn’t hear it otherwise.”

Hal continues to see it being a huge strength and encouragement and a huge faith-builder to the people in those many communities.

“But we’re not there yet. Radio’s the marketplace and we have got to be out there and the marketplace is changing.”

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