Vallint – A 3-Day Only Pioneer 1053 Listener!

by | Fri, Nov 16 2018

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This is nice music and these are nice quotes from the Bible…what is this?

1053AM Brisbane, to be precise.

The Scripture ‘the first shall be last and the last shall be first’ has been born out with the birth of 1053AM.

And just as the number 3 is significant in the Biblical context when we think of Good Friday and Easter Monday, it was also significant for Vallint who lives in Brisbane.

It was on the third day of listening to Vision Radio’s brand spanking new station – 1053AM in Brisbane, just three days old, that Vallint rose to the call of Vision Radio’s Visionathon!

There’s no such thing as a coincident, and it was no coincident Vallint happened to be flicking the dial around the secular stations on his radio when, out of nowhere, up popped Vision Radio’s latest station, 1053AM – and on it’s very first day on air no less!

“I was on the car radio just listening to more of the secular stations,” said Vallint, “when the Holy Spirit told me to switch over to another station. I was just driving along and all of a sudden I heard this radio station which was quite unique and different and I thought, what is this?”

Vallint, who comes from a Christian background had discovered Vision Radio. And with the Visionathon appeal underway, Vallint felt moved to respond.

“Here was an opportunity to give back. I’ve been blessed for so long for my life, so it’s an actual honour to give, that’s for sure.”

In the shortest space of time of being a Vision listener, Vallint had been inspired by what he was hearing - so many people responding to the Visionathon call.

“I’d been listening to all these other people giving and their stories and that’s been amazing to hear all their testimonies!”

“Like the Bible says it’s greater to give than receive and honestly once you give that you stand back and you look and go WOW, I’ve made a difference.”

Vallint’s a family man with two children and working within a budget, so for him it was a step of faith to make a donation.

“You can always put aside something and catch up on what you give and the Lord definitely blesses back.”

Vision is believing for many, many more listeners like Vallint, - that they too will be prompted by the Holy Spirit to ‘coincidentally’ find themselves listening to Vision Radio.

Will you dream bigger with us, to see more lives changed, to live our lives with eternal purpose? Donate online here or phone our Visionathon team on 1800 316 316.