On the Day Sunnie Planned to End Her Life God Miraculously Turned on Her Car Radio to Vision

by | Fri, May 31 2019

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Woman driving car

It is nothing short of a miracle that Sunnie from Kyogle in NSW is alive today.   Four years ago on the day she planned to commit suicide, God intervened and literally saved her life for all eternity.

“The very day I planned to commit suicide, I got in my car and the radio came on.  I have no idea how the station was changed but I found myself listening to a pastor unpacking Psalm 34:18.”

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. – Psalm 34:18

“That was me that day,” Sunnie continued.  “I felt so uplifted that I gave my life to the Lord right there and then.  Instantly I felt His love for me, that unconditional love I’ve never experienced before.”

God picked me up from the lowest point of my life.

It was God who made this miracle happen, He was the one that reached into Sunnie’s car and turned Vision Christian Radio on and orchestrated it so she would hear the exact right message at the exact right time.  Imagine if Vision hadn’t been available for God to turn on at that exact right moment.

Imagine if that community of believers who fundraised to get Vision turned on in the towns near Kyogle hadn’t taken that faith step.  Imagine when those people get to Heaven and hear how Sunnie and many others were saved because of their faithful obedience in taking steps of faith.

Vision Radio on 87.6

The nearest radio frequency to Sunnie is 87.6. Imagine if this wasn't available for God to miraculously switch on...

“God’s plan for us is to have an abundant life,” Sunnie said thankfully.  “And Vision is part of that abundance I enjoy every day.”

Four years on from both the darkest and brightest day of Sunnie’s life, she shares about the work God has been doing in her life.

“God spent the last four years healing me from so many things – sexual abuse, parental neglect.  I have such a long list of everything God has done for me and I feel I’m in a place where I can just enjoy His love.  The Radio inspires me every day to get closer and closer with my God.”

Pay it forward sign

Sunnie is so thankful for the work God has done in her life through Vision that she now wants to pay it forward.  She decided to donate to Visionathon so other people could have their lives saved and transformed too.

“It’s paying it forward.   I can only hope that before that next person does the unthinkable, that God will reach that person before it’s too late.  Vision is there in people’s homes and in their cars and I believe God uses Vision to reach us.”

Will you pay it forward like Sunnie has done?  Click here to donate to Visionathon via our secure mobile friendly website or phone 1800 316 316.

Donate to Visionathon

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