Breaking Australia’s Spiritual Drought

Dear friends,

Did you know that Australia’s history is full of stories of Christian people praying in times of drought and seeing miraculous answers?

Australia’s current drought is biting very hard, but history and the Word of God shows us that the breaking of physical drought comes after the breaking of spiritual drought!

A recent article by my good friend Dr Graham McLennan caught my eye. In it he notes that in the past, prayer was often the first port of call for our nation as we faced the challenge of drought.

He writes; ‘Fifty years after the arrival of the first fleet, the Governor of NSW, George Gipps, a Christian, proclaimed Sunday 2 November 1838 a national day of fasting and humiliation because of the severe drought. Within two days heavy rains began to fall…’

Also; ‘…on Saturday 13 February 1869 a Day of Humiliation for the drought was appointed by the Government as a day of general humiliation and prayer to the Almighty, on account of the fearful drought that has afflicted for so long a very large portion of the colony.’

Days of prayer were again called in response to severe drought in 1895 and 1902, with days of thanksgiving proclaimed afterward to thank God for the rain!

The West Australian Newspaper ArticleMore recently, an article in a major newspaper in 1970 tells of the rains that came as a result of local church leaders gathering to pray in drought-ravaged Longreach in QLD.

The difference today is that so many in our nation have lost sight of the truth of God, or are simply distracted from it. But truth has not changed. Jesus Christ is still the only source of real and lasting hope—if only we will turn to Him!

‘The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.’ (John 10:10 NIV)

Vision is committed to faithfully communicating the real hope of God to Australia through media. As I look back at our first 30 years, I am so grateful to you and all those who have stepped out in faith and given so generously of their time and finances to establish this significant ministry.

2020 will mark the start of an exciting new chapter in this faith story as we expand and strengthen the work of Vision even further. We’ll be moving in to the new facilities God has provided through your faithfulness and generosity.

Our vision is to see Australian lives and society redeemed and transformed through following Jesus Christ. To see the spiritual drought broken.

Your support during this special year-end appeal will help people all across Australia to focus on God and to know real hope as we connect with them through broadcast, print and digital media.

Thank you for joining your faith with ours as we look toward the coming of our King.


Phil Edwards
Chief Executive Officer

PS Tune in during Visionathon for 19–22 November for faith-stirring stories of how God is reaching real people with real hope.



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