Driven to Proclaim the Gospel

by | Tue, Sep 14 2021

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What is a revival?

Images of Billy Graham preaching to a packed MCG might come to mind. Or tent meetings that go for days and days where the Word of God is preached, and many come forward to commit their life to Jesus Christ.

There have been many great awakenings and revivals throughout history, but what has sparked them? The short answer is the Holy Spirit. The more complicated answer also includes shifts in culture, local and global events, and the willingness of individuals to embrace faithful leadership.

I challenge you to find a revival in history where the proclamation of God’s Word was not a key ingredient. You won’t find one.

Prayer for revival and the proclamation of God’s good news sit at the heart of Vision. These desires drove our founders to start this ministry back in the eighties. They saw Christian radio as an effective strategy to reach people, so they pioneered the way. It still is today, along with the much broader mix of media we employ today. And with your help, Vision’s ministry continues to grow.

I was humbled to see the incredible response to our recent call for help to secure the high power FM license for Hobart. Over 1,500 people from across the nation joined together to put us in a position to win the auction, praise God! What incredible unity of purpose!

We continue to be driven by the desire to make God’s good news known in Australia—not just in the big cities, but also remote outback towns and everywhere in between.

Australia certainly needs revival, and people are hungry for the truth—especially the next generation. We may feel the times are getting darker, but consider how light always shines brightest in the dark. Let’s put that light high on a hill for all to see!

Finally, I want to thank you for the part you have played in Vision’s story so far. We hope you are encouraged by the stories and articles in the spring edition of Vision for Every Australian, including details of the new Hobart license.

In Christ,

Phil Edwards,
Chief Executive Officer

PS We’ve had a wonderful response to the Hobart “war chest” which is very encouraging—but we do also need to continue to cover Vision’s regular operating costs. Your donation today will help ensure Vision stays on a strong footing.

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