God’s Word Continues to Provide Hope and Direction

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Here we are over half way through 2020 – has it looked anything like you thought it might?

New challenges, new surprises, even heartache. But through it all God’s Word has continued to provide hope and direction.

Through your support, Vision’s ministry has been able to help many Australians keep focussed on the truth during this time, and even help them expand their own ministry to others. Here’s just one of the many stories we’ve received;

‘I find The Word for Today a great resource for our church’s senior study group (called ‘The Good Life’). We normally meet every 2nd Thursday, and during this Covid19 time we’ve moved to weekly via virtual Zoom meeting. We have up to 18 attending, and we always get something out of the discussion. Your work is much appreciated. Thanks and God Bless.’ – Kevin.

We’d love to hear how Vision is helping you too.

And if you’re new to The Word for Today, we pray you are blessed and encouraged as you read and reflect on each day’s short devotion and SoulFood Scriptures. You can read them online, signup to receive them daily in your email inbox or signup to receive your free printed edition every quarter.

In Christ,

Phil Edwards
Chief Executive Officer

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