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It’s Time to Shine the Light of Jesus

by | Wed, May 3 2023

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Dear friends,

‘Let there be light’ was the declaration in remote Central Australia on Good Friday 2023 (and that is our prayer for Australia here at Vision, too).

It was a very unique and special Easter where local Indigenous believers and others from across Australia had come together to declare Jesus is the answer at the dedication of the Forgiveness Cross which now stands at the very heart of our nation on rugged Memory Mountain.

The Ikuntji people have shown amazing tenacity and courage in realising their forty year dream to establish this 20m high steel cross. They have persisted through obstacles and opposition and today their cross boldly declares that their land and our nation is covered by Jesus. The Ikuntji people first came to know this truth when Indigenous evangelists preached the Gospel at this exact location 100 years ago, and the cross will now stand as a reminder for generations to come.

One conversation I had with an Aboriginal Pastor that weekend really stood out. Pastor James Dargin (who had travelled from Wollongong) said the location of the cross at Australia’s heart was very symbolic. He said ‘I know from my own experience, revival always starts at the heart.

James would know. Born into an abusive family, his life spiralled into a world of drugs, alcohol and hate. But radical change was to come through an encounter with Jesus which enabled him to do the unthinkable. He forgave his parents, the police, white people and others who wronged him. Today, James is a Pastor, and is a living example of how Jesus brings light and life, just as He promises!

Just take a look around your own town or city, or across our nation – it won’t take long to find people walking in darkness, searching for the light and life of Jesus.

God has given us all gifts to fan into flame in our own personal ministry. And He also gives us opportunity to work together and achieve so much more than we could on our own. Right now you declare a beacon of truth and hope across Australia by being part of Vision’s mid-year appeal.

Together, let’s shine the light and life of Jesus to Australia!

Here are three very simple things you can do during this important time of Vision’s Mid-Year Appeal;

1.   Pray

Not only pray about how you can be part of the appeal, but please pray for this nationwide ministry which connects with hundreds of thousands of people across Australia through broadcast, print and digital media. Pray that many hearts will be changed and renewed through the good news of God.

2.   Listen

Please make a point to tune in for Visionathon, May 23-26 on Vision Christian Radio. During these four faith-filled days you’ll hear many uplifting and encouraging stories and witness the unfolding of God’s provision as we work together – doing something none of us could ever do on our own.

3.   Give

Around 90% of Vision’s costs are covered by donations, so your support is important. It’s been an exciting few years of growth with the addition of 65+ new regional town stations, a high power FM station in Hobart and the recent launch of Vision on DAB+ digital radio in Brisbane, plus continued growth online and with The Word for Today. Your gift by June 30 will be tax deductible and will help ensure Vision can keep going and keep growing.

Let me close with one of the many encouraging stories we receive that highlight the importance of what we are doing together, from Kim on the Sunshine Coast;

‘Just a huge thank you for your daily devotions which over the course of 6 years has also seen my dear wife come to Christ 3 years ago. She is an avid reader of your works… Again thank you and God Bless you all.’ – Kim

That’s what happens when you shine Jesus! Thank you for your support of this important mission to help people look to God, daily.


Phil Edwards
Chief Executive Officer

PS If you haven’t already, please click here to enjoy the video and audio we captured at Easter including the lighting of the Forgiveness Cross and some very encouraging testimonies! 

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