Take a step, Change a story

The only thing necessary to change a person, and bring the hope of eternal life, is the Word of God—His message of Truth right where it’s needed.

Recently Ann told us her encouraging and very unique story…
“Believe it or not (of course you do!) – I found The Word for Today in a public toilet! I picked it up and thought I’d just give it a quick read and put it back for someone else – but I couldn’t let go of it – I read it every day and enjoy the SoulFood too – its just what my meditation time and spirit needed. Now I want to keep on receiving it and sharing it with others. Thank you.” – Ann, WA

Ann’s life story was changed because you, and others, took faithful steps of obedience.

Today I believe the Lord is again encouraging us all to Take a Step to Change a Story.

I’m reminded of what Paul said to Titus:

“Remind your people… they must always be ready to do something helpful…They should be gentle and kind to everyone… Jesus treated us much better than we deserve. He made us acceptable to God and gave us the hope of eternal life. This message is certainly true. These teachings are useful and helpful for everyone.”  Titus 3:1-2, 7-9CEV

We all want our lives to count and to please our heavenly Father.

The decisions we make today affect our tomorrow and the future of others. Just as Jesus came to do the will of the Father (John 6:38), our challenge is to also follow His example—that’s where we find fulfillment.

Today we want to thank you for all your gracious support and also invite you to take another deliberate step—and who knows how many Aussie stories will be changed as a result.

Your gift today will:

With your help and God’s grace we’ll continue making an eternal difference in the lives of many Aussies—and also reap a reward in our own lives (Proverbs 11:25).

Take a Step to Change a Story and hear those thrilling words from our Master… ‘Well done, good and faithful servant…’

Ian Worby
Regional Director, Australia & Asia Pacific

PS Your gift today is a tax-deductible step that will help change another person’s story tomorrow—for God’s glory. And you’ll hear many encouraging stories of lives you’ve already helped change when you tune into Visionathon, 17 to 19 November.



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