Are you taking opportunities to reach the next generation for Christ?

Dear friends,

As a parent, I have often wondered about the world my children are having to navigate. But my prayer is that they will be full of the grace and truth that Jesus was (John 1:14), and strong bearers of the hope of God in the midst of darkness.

Believers in Jesus are amongst many such ‘hope bearers’ in our nation with more people attending church in Australia each month than who go to a footy match. And others remain open with over 50% of Australians open to changing their religious views, given the right circumstances and evidence (source: Faith and Belief in Australia 2017 study, McCrindle).

This national study also shows that 18-25 year olds are most comfortable talking about spirituality with others, reinforcing the opportunity we have to continue reaching out to this group through our youth devotional and online radio station, Vision180.

‘I was invited to a baptism of a student last year. She said that, through Vision180, she was convicted that she wasn’t a true Christian so she committed her life to the Lord and has gone on in her walk with Him.’ – Gail (a school chaplain).

Do you have a child or grandchild who would benefit by some daily ‘God thoughts’? Vision180 Magazine could be just what they need for God to speak into their lives.

If you’d like a copy (or copies), just let us know.

Thank you for your prayers and your partnership with our ministry.

Phil Edwards
CEO – Vision Christian Media

PS Complimentary copies of The Word for Today are also available – they’re an easy way to start a conversation about God with friends, neighbours and church family.


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