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by | Thu, Feb 1 2018

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The readings are impacting and timely.

These are not my words—they’re from Danny, a regular reader of The Word for Today, and they sum up a theme we have consistently heard from readers over the entire history of this devotional publication.

Our prayer is that these short readings will help you to know and trust God in a greater way, and also to apply His Word to the everyday stuff of life.

We know that God’s way for living (with Jesus at the centre) brings true hope—in stark contrast to the false hope and fake news of our culture.

Perhaps you’re new to The Word for Today, or have let the good habit of a daily quiet time slip—starting out can be as easy as reading through today’s devotion and praying. Then do it again tomorrow.

We also encourage you to go deeper into the Scriptures—our SoulFood plan will guide you through the entire Bible in a year. Just follow the readings at the bottom of each message.

May God bless you richly as you seek Him.

Phil Edwards
CEO — Vision Christian Media

PS Each day through the devotional, our radio network, the internet, apps and other resources Vision is helping hundreds of thousands of Australians to navigate the prevailing winds of our culture to find and stand on the solid rock of Christ. Please consider how you can help us do even more through your prayer and financial support

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