Three Exciting New Initiatives

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Dear friends,

I’m thrilled to give a ‘progress report’ on 3 exciting new initiatives underway that will mean God’s good news will connect with even more people across Australia through Vision:

1. Expanding our radio network to another 100 regional towns and cities before the end of 2024. 5 Already!

2. A major upgrade to the Vision App launching in May;

3. VISION KIDS is looking great and also launching in May.

You’ll find more details about each of these exciting new projects below.

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I love how Vision has become a trusted, consistent and unifying voice in this age of distrust, disagreement and disunity. As the Psalmist said “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity” (Ps 133:1 KJV). Amen to that!

Thankyou for your ongoing prayers and support.

Phil Edwards
Chief Executive Officer

PS It is with great pleasure that we release the Autumn edition of Vision for Every Australian and hope you are encouraged, challenged and affirmed in your faith as you read.



Helping Regional Aussies look to God

Our ambitious goal to expand Vision Christian Radio into 100 new towns and cities over 3 years is getting up a head of steam with 5 already established! Our tech team are working hard to reach establish this important infrastructure that will help more people look to God.

Helping Metropolitan Aussies look to God

The Vision App is about to get a major upgrade that will help reach more people, especially in our ‘always online’ big cities. The all new app makes it much easier to find and engage with all the daily help Vision brings through live radio, devotions, podcasts, videos and more. Coming in May 2021.

Helping 8-12 year olds look to God

For the last year, Dan Warlow and the Vision team have been working on a fun new 12-episode video series taking 8-12 year olds on a fun flyover of the entire the Bible using song and colourful characters! Take a peek at launching in May 2021.


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