Thank You!

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‘All generous giving and every perfect gift is from above…’ James 1:7a NET

The evidence is in – you are amazing!

Last month I wrote and invited you to be recruited into our own
‘Gideon‘s Army’. The response has been humbling. But the real gold in all of this are your words of support.

We’ve had Aimee phoning people to say ‘thank you’ and she told me last week.

“I have been really touched by the generous loving, giving heart of so many. Gee there are some very generous people out there, giving regularly, giving nearly every Visionathon, being EMPs, giving for the Bringing Hope Behind Bars appeal, and giving again in response to the Gideon’s letter ask. Just amazing! May God bless all these people richly for their incredible generosity.”


Bev from NSW told us; “I do enjoy starting my day with The Word for Today. And hearing of the wonderful work UCB is doing all over this great nation of Australia. Know that UCB are in my prayers.”

It’s your prayers, generosity and partnership that are the key ingredients to us fulfilling the big, audacious dream God has given us of providing trusted Christian media to EVERY Australian!

May God bless and guide you daily as you follow Him.
In His strong and mighty name

Ian Worby
Regional Director — Australia, Asia Pacific

PS Thank you we can count on you to pray with us that the spread of the Gospel, through Christian media, will increase.


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