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Psalms 119:11

by | Sat, Mar 4 2023

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I have hidden Your word in my heart that I might not sin against You.
Psalms 119:11

Mandy shares her reflections on this verse…

The greatest example in the Bible of how to wield the Sword of the Spirit was demonstrated by Jesus Himself during His wilderness temptation. Jesus had a mission and Satan tried to make Him deviate from it. Jesus was tempted at the time He was physically and emotionally weak, and with things that all of us want; power, wealth, comfort and influence.  

Jesus’ response was magnificent. With every temptation He responded with “It is written…”  

The point is this…if you don’t know what the Word says, you won’t know how to evade the temptations that come your way because you won’t know they’re wrong. The psalmist understood profoundly that in order to avoid sin, the Word had to be embedded in his heart so that when the temptation arrived he be able to draw on it immediately…and win! 

If God’s Word isn’t in there, it can’t come out and conversely, if it is in there, it’ll come out when you need it.


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