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Matthew 6:33

by | Sat, May 20 2023

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But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
Matthew 6:33

A reflection by Kristine Lee

This verse is close to my heart because it is what I have lived by since becoming a Christian. I have seen this come true for me so many times over.

One time I was provided a job before I arrived back to the town where my parents were located. I had purposed in my heart to return as my family do not yet know Jesus. I was seeking God’s kingdom and His righteousness for my family.

Before the return, I had visited to honour my mother and sister during my sister’s birthday and Mother’s Day. During the visit, I had arranged to meet a best friend in church. The location of the meeting — a ‘Jobs Connection’ area where there were noticeboards of jobs. I was meeting my best friend there only because she was going to be on duty there. As I waited, I casually looked. Then I applied for a role I was interested in, but had not training for. I got the job. And after I started on the job, the jobs notice area was shut.

God just opened the door for me to walk through, and shut it after. God knew I needed financial provision. As a good and generous Father He delights providing for His children. In the verses before this, Jesus instructs His disciples not to worry. Do not worry about what to wear, eat or drink. If God provides for the flowers and grass that are here today and gone the next day, how much more will He provide for us.

But equally, as a good Father, He will not provide something that does not align to His best for us. If you are a parent, you won’t be feeding your kids candy instead of proper food, even if they beg you for it. Why would God? When we seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, we can be sure we are seeking that which is good, and see His provision and empowerment to do so.

Are you striving to provide for yourself? Do you trust that the Father delights in providing for you? What does seeking God’s kingdom and His righteousness look like to you? Will you ask the Holy Spirit to give you the heart’s desire to do so, and show you how in this season?

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