The Treasury Project – Romans 10:10

by | Sat, Jul 2 2022

Treasury Project - Week 53 - Romans 10:10
For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. Romans 10:10

Pae shares her reflections on this verse…

Words are part of God’s value system.

  • He spoke creation into being;
  • Jesus is the spoken Word;
  • The Bible is also referred to as God’s Word.

In our natural world, our main communication method is through words. It is necessary for us who are able, to speak the words we wish to communicate to others, so words are part and parcel of our make-up in God. As our person is made up of a physical body, a soul and a spirit, once we have made a decision in our heart for Jesus, confession of our decision is the declaration from our physical man. Giving ourselves to God as a living sacrifice is a holistic dedication. We cannot give our spirit and soul to Jesus without giving our physical bodies (denying the flesh). When we pray, we verbalise what is in our heart in our communication to God. What comes out of our mouth is from our hearts. The word is near us, it’s in our mouths and in our hearts.

Thank you again for joining with others across Australia in learning and meditating on Scripture through The Treasury Project.

We trust God will bless you as you commit His Word to your memory and allow it to penetrate deep into your heart.

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