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An Outpouring of Love for the People of Hobart

by | Thu, Sep 9 2021

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Vision Radio Hobart

The Vision family all across Australia unite to secure a high-powered FM licence for the Gospel in Hobart – 104.3 FM

11:45 am, 31 August 2021 was a moment of celebration as news of our success at auction spread quickly through the Vision team. It took a few moments for the reality to sink in that we were actually successful in our daring attempt to secure 104.3 FM Hobart for the Gospel.

When the opportunity for this licence first presented itself we knew pursuing it would mean stepping out in faith—after all at that point we had very little spare funds on hand to apply to this cause.

New releases of radio frequencies are very rare and once gone they usually do not appear for a long time. The missing part of the puzzle was money.

However, thanks to the generosity and faith of the Vision family from every part of Australia, we were able to quickly build a war chest more than big enough to win the day, with the final price at auction being $855,000. If you had told us just a month ago that we would have the capacity to go to that level we would have struggled to believe it.

For some, the amount paid may seem large, but consider for the moment the opportunity it brings.

We have been so encouraged by the financial and prayerful support we have received along with the many messages of goodwill, like this:

“As my grandfather always said, with a great tool you can do a great job—but great tools cost money. Don’t think small, think of the impact it might have on people in the future.” – Johan

Johan also reminded us of Proverbs 6:9 NIV
‘In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.’

Clearly the Lord has gone ahead of us to prepare the way through the unity and faith of His people towards His great mission.

Plans are now well underway to establish 104.3 FM Hobart, with a transmitter already on the way. This will be a priority project and we’ll keep you posted with progress.

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Visionathon Will you stand with us?
Visionathon Will you stand with us?