From a Small Seed…

by | Tue, Mar 12 2019

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Robbo in Kingaroy

On the first of March 1999, just one month after the first Vision radio broadcast went to air in Beaudesert, the second relay station began transmitting in the Queensland country town of Kingaroy.

Over the last two decades, Vision has made a big impact amongst the locals. We’ve heard over the years from Craig, Don, Emma, Vivienne, Lucas, Lester, David, Mary, Jason, Lynda, Joy, Helen, Joanne, Arthur, Justin, Chloe, Raymond, Jeanette, Janelle, Jeffrey, Robert, Daisy, Ruth, Chris, Kristy, Rodney, Chris, James and nearly two hundred others.

Here’s just a selection of what the people of Kingaroy have said over the years:

Naomi wrote: ‘The number of times that God has given me a word in season through your station is uncountable. God has blessed me in so many ways through Vision. I have been working in an environment where the radio is NOT Christian, so for the first time in my life I hear non-Christian music. Let me tell you I have never more appreciated the work you do. WOW! It is really really really good to hear good food when I get home.’

Daniel says that everyone he talks to listens to Vision. ‘I love Vision on FM and Vision180. I listen in the car when travelling for work. When I go to the gym I have Vision180 playing through the headphones. Vision plays a massive role and part of my life and I constantly get so much out of it.’

House in Kingaroy

Kingaroy, QLD. (Shutterstock)

Linda appreciates the station late at night. ‘Vision is my life line. It keeps me company. I switch it on at 4 am and find it so uplifting. The prayers, Scripture and teachings are always a learning experience!’

Lorraine has found the devotionals inspiring: ‘It has opened up avenues for me in the Word. It has been so good. I am encouraged with the daily devotions and when I’m travelling I take The Word for Today with me, it's wonderful soul food. It is so needed throughout Australia. So uplifting. I am blessed.’

Darren has found the support of Vision invaluable as he prepared to become a missionary in America:   ‘As a family we are making the move to California in the next few months to work with Racers for Christ, an organisation that provides chaplains to the motor racing community right across the United States of America. God has blessed us immensely along the way, and He has given us a great testimony on just how He provides. One of those true blessings has been Vision radio and The Word for Today. Since we began this journey last year it's been amazing how often Vision radio has inspired us and confirmed to us through the programmes that we are on the right path and that God is leading the way for us. Greg Laurie has been an amazing encouragement along with all the other speakers. You have continued to encourage us to take these massive steps of faith to go share the gospel within the motor racing circles of America. Let’s face it, this world needs a saviour and we are His hands and feet. So let's get out there and share the good news of Jesus Christ.’

Yes, just as Darren says, He is our Head and we are the hands and feet of His body. And together we’re able to not only share the Good News in Kingaroy, we’ve been able to advance His kingdom in Australia. Another 711 stations have been installed since Kingaroy went on and millions of copies of The Word for Today and Vision180 youth magazine have been distributed across our nation.

Thank you for being part of this transformation. Your generosity has enabled the broadcasting of a wide variety of ‘seeds’—sometimes through radio, sometimes print devotionals, sometimes on the web and in social media, sometimes in prayer, sometimes through books—around Australia.

The Lord has given us this task—to spread the seed and water it. It is up to Him to give the increase, so we can all rejoice in the harvest. Thank you again for your faithful support!