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Goldfields Celebration with Will Graham

by | Thu, Jun 21 2018

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Will Graham Goldfields Celebration

It was chilly autumn night in the WA city of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and around 250 people stood holding hands in a giant circle, facing outward toward the homes surrounding Centennial Park.

They had come together from many different church and cultural backgrounds with a singular purpose—to pray over their city ahead of the major outreach to take place in a few days. That outreach was to feature evangelist Will Graham, along with a host of music events and other activities including US band The Afters, Steve Grace, Skypilot, indigenous group The Brownley Gospel Singers, Sean W Smith (for the kids), and many others.

Evangelist Will Graham is known for his clear presentation of the Gospel—and he didn’t waver from it one bit. Using stories, humour and conviction, he clearly spelled out how we are all sinners in need of a Saviour. Almost 6,000 people heard his clear Gospel message over the weekend of 18–20 May (a significant number given the total population of the city is just 30,000). Around 550 of them came forward to give or recommit their lives to Christ.

Vision was honoured to once again be part of such an event—broadcasting Will Graham’s message and other parts of the event nationwide on radio.

Will Graham’s Goldfields Message

Will and the Vision team have become good friends over the years through our involvement in similar events in Broken Hill and Alice Springs. Will explained how the Kalgoorlie outreach came about: ‘We always come at an invitation—we’ve been invited by the local Christian church leaders and businesspeople to come here and proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.’

Will also explained how it was Vision’s broadcast of past events prompted the interest of the churches of Kalgoorlie in holding the event: ‘…when they heard on Vision what was going on in Alice, they said “we want to be a part of that!”’

Although the event was a huge success, in many ways the real work now begins with local churches discipling those who responded.

As a supporter of Vision, you get to be part of that as well—with copies of The Word for Today being given to them all, and of course Vision radio right there 24/7 as a source of encouragement and understanding. Thank you for being part of changing the eternal destiny of so many people!

Will Graham Reflects On The Goldfields Celebration