Next Big Steps Are Underway

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Vision management team at new building
The Vision Project Management Team.

Thursday 27 June 2019 was a special day as we celebrated the completion of stage one of Vision’s ambitious new building project – taking ownership of the land and building that next year will become Vision’s new ministry HQ.

What a testimony to God’s faithfulness and provision it has been! One year earlier, despite not knowing where the deposit funds or necessary borrowing would come from, our board and Executive felt strongly to push ahead by faith, signing a contract with year-long settlement terms (which in itself is quite unusual). What has happened since then as
each piece of the puzzle has fallen into place can only be described as the grace and provision of God.

Our dream is trusted Christian Media for every Australian – and this new facility will enable Vision to continue growing in reach and influence for decades to come. It is very exciting!

Thousands of Vision supporters have joined their faith (and finances) with us to be part of this significant milestone. People like Julie from Far North Queensland who not only made a gift, but also told us why.

“I want to be part of sowing and nurturing the seeds of hope and truth, into this generation and the future” Julie told us.

That is precisely what we are doing together as this new base for Biblical truth and hope is established in 2020.

We are so thankful to God that He has moved on the hearts of so many people across the country, and trust Him that He will continue to do so as we now focus on what is needed to complete Stage 2.

Photos of Vision’s New Home


Moving Vision’s operations will be a big task requiring a huge team effort. So we asked the team to suggest an appropriate name for this next part of our journey. The name chosen was founded in Isaiah 54:2 “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.” (NIV) That sure captures it!

The planning and preparation has begun with the appointment of a Project Manager, Malcolm. Please uphold him in prayer as he helps bring all our ideas together into firm plans and actions, thinking through all the details for good workflows, team collaborations, studios and a myriad of support infrastructure. Then comes the move (we’re aiming for April) followed by the decommissioning and sale of our current place.  It’s a big job!

The total cost of stage 2 will be in excess of $800,000 — this includes building modifications, establishing studios and other infrastructure, and moving. Praise God we are well on our way there with over $340,000 already raised/pledged toward this part of the project.

Once established, Vision’s new HQ will be a hive of “Gospel activity”, using media to share God’s Word with clarity and conviction in Australia for generations to come.

What a great legacy we are creating together as God’s Word goes out through media. We’d love for you to be involved!

Still needed for the building project
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