Planting in Tasmania

by | Tue, Mar 12 2019

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Hiking in Tasmania

Five years after Vision radio had begun its first broadcast nearly 170 relay stations had been installed across mainland Australia. But there wasn’t a single one in Tasmania. It was proving to be the final frontier.

Then an amazing opportunity presented itself: the Tourist Board was willing to sell 31 low-powered licences across the state. Vision was able to raise the money for a handful of these but it seemed the majority would be lost to commercial interests.

Then a tiny ad on the back cover of the winter edition of The Word for Today in 2004 became God’s means of breakthrough. An elderly couple who had retired to the Gold Coast after spending years planting churches in Tasmania rang up to find out how much was needed. For the remaining 26 stations, it was $112,000.

Ian Worby still remembers the thrill of the day when a cheque written in shaky handwriting for just that amount arrived in the mail. It was the largest donation Vision had ever received to that point.

Today, the string of 51 Vision stations around Tasmania is a testimony to the faithfulness of an amazing couple who sowed the seeds of the Gospel in so many different ways into the lives of both residents and visitors. Here’s just a few words from those who have benefited:

Vision is a constant companion in my home during the day and helps me feel less alone as a Christian, knowing that there are thousands of us throughout Australia. Sarah

I just love having a radio station that I can listen to with my kids and know they won’t hear senseless talk on inappropriate topics. Praise God for this radio station and all wonderfully talented folk who work there. It’s also so wonderful to hear such diverse music from so many talented Godly artists! Saara

I LOVE Vision radio. I shift work between mornings and afternoons. In my roster I work two weekends out of three which means I miss a lot of Sunday mornings. Vision is my church. I love most of the speakers. Many thanks for your love and support on air. Maxine