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Satisfying Souls In Drought

by | Thu, Mar 8 2018

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Liz Howland with Vision team

Liz Howland (centre) with Vision team members Michelle, Neil and Aimee.

the Lord shall guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought
Isaiah 58:11

In the small dust-dry towns of outback Queensland, the heartbreak is well-hidden behind rough, tough exteriors. But Liz Howland has found a way to build trust and minister into the quiet desperation experienced in these hard, God-resistant places.

In the remote town of Muttaburra, she sent a hamper to each household and mail run, then followed it up with copies of The Word for Today. This spiritual sustenance for people on isolated stations is greatly appreciated, and has opened up opportunities in other towns. ‘Jericho was another town that opened up last year,’ she reports. ‘There were walls up but they came down with God’s help. Winton’s post mistress is well-known as tough but I’ve been slowly able to build a friendship with her. You’ve got to know the people and know when to push and when to talk about the weather. I’ve got Cloncurry in my sights. There’s a miner’s camp there where the manager is willing to put out copies of The Word for Today on the food table for anyone to take.’

Liz is thrilled with the God-encounters that she’s been part of and the very evident favour she’s been shown. Hardnosed post office managers have been won over and become willing to distribute over 1200 copies (and counting!) of The Word for Today to isolated farms and stricken families. ‘I feel so humbled and so much of a tool in the hands of God,’ Liz says. In one community, she was on-hand and able to minister through deep, meaningful conversations with an entire family where a member had just suicided.

Through the provision of gift cards, helpful books, letters and The Word for Today, Liz is helping break the spiritual drought in these outback communities. Occasionally Liz has a few copies over which she gives to coffee shops or leaves, with permission, in doctors’ surgeries.

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What about you? There are so many people across our nation in urgent need of the hope only Jesus can provide. Can you help someone through grief or hardship with the simple gift of The Word for Today? Is there a business owner you can approach about putting out a display of copies for people in need?

Just one phone call and you can make an eternal difference in so many lives across this nation. Phone 1800 00 777 0 to order additional bulk copies. Head here to order copies for friends or family.

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