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The Right Word At The Right Time

by | Fri, Dec 3 2021

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The Right Word at the Right Time

Jane is from a loving Christian family, has been married for 38 years and is a proud mum and grandma.

At 28, she gave her life to the Lord and soon after felt His calling to go to Darwin. Their family had a wonderful life up there and joined a great church. But when they moved back, things changed and Jane says they became ‘dormant Christians.’

“We prayed here and there and read the Bible, but that was it,” says Jane. “But then I found Vision radio three years ago, and it was life-changing. I love everything about Vision, and it does so much for so many people!”

One Sunday morning, Jane and her husband were having coffee and talking about God’s calling. They were heading towards retirement and wondering what God wanted them to do. They started asking themselves if they should go interstate or maybe do missionary work overseas. But as they talked and listened to Vision radio, a sermon came on.

The sermon was by Pastor James McPherson, and he was talking about God’s calling on our lives. Pastor James spoke about missionaries working overseas, but he also mentioned how important it is to God to have people working in their communities at home.

“My husband and I just looked at each other,” Jane says. “We knew that was a direct word from God for us. That was our answer.”

Jane and her husband felt as if God had used Vision radio to speak just to them, and it was a wonderful answer to prayer. But the reality is many other people were hearing it too, receiving an answer to something they had been seeking. God works in such amazing ways.

“Vision is changing so many lives,” says Jane. “It does so much for so many people and we just want to bless you all.”

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