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Two Exciting Events in One Week!!

by | Thu, Dec 12 2019

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Vision building under construction
Phil Edwards with the team of tradies working on building studios in Vision's new home.

The second last week of November will stay in our memory for a long time.

You probably know it was the week of Visionathon—an exciting 4 days of faith and celebration, gathering the resources needed for Vision to keep going and keep growing into 2020 and beyond.

But you may not know it was also the week our team of tradies got started on the building works at Vision’s future home! Armed with hammers, pinch bars, measuring tapes, laser levels and their God-given skills and talents, the demolition team got stuck into their job of preparing the area that will soon house our new studios— ripping out the old carpet, cables and fixtures, and marking up the floor ready to build.

Meanwhile, back at our current home base, over 80 staff and volunteers were busily working together to receive donations and heartfelt stories of thanks from over 2,500 Vision supporters passionate about taking God’s Word to the nation through media, and thankful for the role Vision plays in their own lives each day.

The Visionathon goal was $1,000,054. This unusual amount
was to remind us of Isaiah 54:2, which is all about enlarging and stretching—something that Vision has been doing for a long time and continues to do. After all, the reason we will be moving into a new facility is because of growth, and our dream is Trusted Christian Media for Every Australian!

Robbo, Becci and Phil with the Visionathon family members wall
Robbo, Becci and Phil with the Visionathon family members wall.

We saw an amazing outpouring of generosity across the 4 days but sadly fell short of the goal in the allotted time. The great news is that funds have continued to come in, and as of the 12th of December, the gap is just under $80,000.

It is critical that these remaining funds are raised as they are needed to complete the building works that will enable us to move in and start using this new facility next year.

We have faith that God will provide what we need as we have seen Him do many times before.

We’re so very thankful to everyone who took part during Visionathon!

We wish it were possible to give you a great big hug to let you know how much we value what you have done!

Perhaps you missed the chance to be part of it, or would like to help bridge the remaining gap and be part of this impacting mission across Australia?

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