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by | Thu, Jun 21 2018

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Kevin and Anne Summers

Starting back in 2009 with just a personal copy of The Word for Today, Kevin Summers and his wife Anne realised it was a devotional with a huge potential for outreach. So they got a few more, and then a few more. They began to approach churches and organisations around Hobart and found a ready acceptance in many quarters.

They are now able to distribute more than 280 copies of The Word for Today and Vision180 magazine to churches and chaplains, to the Christian Resource Centre and, because they have a good relationship with the manager of Koorong, to the store in Hobart. Kevin is also able to provide copies of The Word for Today for a table in a men’s shelter.

‘We just want to be available to do the Lord’s work so He can work through us. When He opens doors, we just walk through them.’ Kevin is conscious that his efforts at dropping flyers in letter boxes are not showy or dramatic but he is also aware that nothing we do for God is wasted—and anything can be built on by the Lord.

‘There are 280 youth in Tasmania,’ he says, ‘who are reading Vision180 magazine or listening to the radio who wouldn’t be doing that if they hadn’t heard the message that Vision existed.’

Kevin and Anne have faced many challenges. ‘Everyone has some darker times,’ they’ve said. ‘The messages seem to come through at just the right time. Vision is so helpful to us on our Christian journey. The last five or six years have been tough and the radio has been very encouraging. Going back a few years, it was on all night long.’

Sometimes we might be tempted to think that, compared to others, our contribution is trivial.  But Kevin’s words that nothing we do for God is wasted are encouraging and inspiring. Anything, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, can be built on by the Lord.

Whenever you’re drawn to think like this, remember that the Lord brings us together for His purposes so that, as we labour, He’s the One who builds the firm foundation. Thank you for your efforts, your prayers, your donations and words of encouragement that help us, together with the Lord as our head, to build a legacy for future generations.

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