When Hope is Deferred, Vision is There

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Every day we are helping Aussies focus on God, no matter what the circumstances.

Many Aussies have been doing it tough for the last few months, during the heartbreak of the bushfires.  Still more Aussies have been battling for years, during the soulsearing drought. And even more Aussies have found that just living has been like battling a storm that keeps on circling around and striking from a different angle.

Couple praying for rain with scripture

We’ve been so blessed and encouraged to hear what God is doing

Seasons come and go. Hard times might seem as if they’ll last forever, but they too fade away. The one and only constant in life—if we let Him be—is God.

All these testimonies come from our Vision family during Visionathon as they’ve praised God for His anchor of hope in Jesus. We’ve been so blessed and encouraged to hear what God is doing in lives all across our nation.

“Thank you for The Word for Today that you send to our
church… The words are always timely, especially with our town suffering this year with ongoing drought, fires and lack of water— and, for the past few months, contaminated water. Being in a country town, we can stay up to date with the latest songs and introduce some into our worship
in church.”
– Leonie

“It’s encouraging to listen to your morning shows each morning as we feed and water our sheep during this drought. Thank you for your prayers for those of us still battling drought.”
– Kristine

Vision has been bringing hope to prodigals and others who have lost their way, as well as new and also mature believers.

“Been a rough year: first prostate cancer, then I gave myself two hernias working after the operation, then bowel cancer which meant radiation treatment five days a week for eight weeks. Still have more operations to go through… Vision radio helps so much especially being in a small country town with few serious Christians around. Started to slip back into drinking and smoking for a while and having you guys helped me get back on track.”
– Brent

“I had not been walking closely with the Lord for about 20 years but over the last 5 years, God in His amazing grace and mercy has been drawing me back to Him. I discovered Vision about 3 years ago and it has been such a blessing and encouragement to me in my walk with the Lord which I am happy to report is so much deeper, closer and stronger than before!”
– Lynn

“I listen to Vision Christian Media on my radio driving to and from work every day and start each day reading a daily devotion from The Word for Today. I lost my husband a year ago and have received great comfort from the amazing stories and songs I hear on your programme. My faith has faltered over the years but I have always believed. Thanks to Vision Christian Media I am becoming stronger in my faith and feel that God has made me strong.”
– Clare

A massive thank you to those who donated and to those who, through their stories, gave God thanks and praise for upholding them in the good times and the bad.

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