How Positive Words Can Change Your Life

You can use your words to tear someone down – or you can speak positive words and change their life forever.

In this Focus on the Family podcast (video and audio options above), Sharon Jaynes shares her embarrassing story that all started with an accidental voicemail. Annoyed at her husband, Sharon called and left a scathing message on their home phone, expressing her disappointment. Embarrassed, she deleted the message before her husband could hear it—but didn’t realise the message had gotten scrambled with their voicemail greeting.

For days, anyone who called their home heard Sharon’s angry chastisement of her husband. Mortified and convicted, Sharon was inspired to start re-thinking her approach to words. In this Focus on the Family broadcast, Sharon shares wisdom for aligning your words with the heart of God, to bless those around you—and yourself.

Book by guest: The Power of a Woman’s Words

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How Positive Words Can Change Your Life

Sharon Jaynes recounts an embarrassing voicemail incident that God used to remind her of the power of thoughts and the impact of words.


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