Secret Church in North Korean Prison Camp

Hea Woo

Hea Woo’s story began in 1997 in the midst of a great famine in North Korea. Her daughter was only in her twenties when she starved to death in her own home.

Hea Woo’s husband escaped to China, where he heard the gospel and gave His life to Jesus.

When Hea Woo’s husband told her about his new faith, she said: “I was shocked. But instinctively, I knew that he had found the truth.”

Unfortunately, he was caught in China by the secret police and sent to a North Korean prison camp. Hea Woo’s husband died six months later.

It wasn’t long until Hea Woo escaped to China herself. And like her husband, she became a Christian. She was also discovered by the secret police, taken back to North Korea and forced into a prison camp.

But in the middle of one of the darkest corners of North Korea, Hea Woo chose to do something radical. In the middle of this prison, God gave her a heart to evangelise and a secret church began.

Hea Woo survived the prison camp. She was released after several years and eventually escaped to South Korea, where she lives today.

Will you stand with Christians like Hea Woo today?

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One with Them Day - 1 April 2021

This Easter many of our Christian brothers and Sisters face dire consequences simply for declaring their faith in Jesus and are crying out for God’s help.

Thursday, the 1st of April, is your opportunity to be the answer to their prayers by being part of Vision’s One with Them Day of Unity.

*Name changed for security purposes.

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