Let’s Talk About Heaven – Greg Laurie

Greg Laurie preaching

Do you ever find yourself wondering about what Heaven will be like?  What will we be doing? What will we look like?  Will we see our family and friends?

In this two-part sermon (video and audio podcast below), Pastor Greg Laurie, answers some of our most burning questions about what Heaven will be like.

Audio from this sermon series on Vision Christian Radio's 'A New Beginning'

Extracts from Greg Laurie's sermon on Heaven.

This subject I love to talk about, that's a topic the Bible addresses many many many times and Heaven is a place that we all need to know about because if we're a Christian, that's where we're gonna end up one day, and you wanna be ready for where you're goin'.

You know if you take a trip, you wanna know a little bit about where you're going. You know, what clothes do I take, what's a good place to eat, where should I stay, what sites should I go see. You know, we prepare ourselves for a trip we take. Well, we wanna be prepared for Heaven because Heaven is a prepared place for prepared people.

Now, how many of you believe in Heaven, raise your hand if you believe in Heaven right. Okay, well, most Americans actually do believe in a place called Heaven, 81 percent. The stats were a little lower for hell, 69 percent believe in a place called hell. But I think deep down inside, we long for a place we've never been to before. Have you ever traveled for a while especially overseas and found yourself really homesick?

Wanting to get home again especially those that serve in the Armed Forces, or those that do business overseas, they can't wait to get back home again. I think deep down inside God has pre wired us to be homesick for a place we've never been to before. And that place is Heaven, we long for it. In fact, the Bible even tells us over in Ecclesiastes 3:11, that God has said eternity in our hearts.

Yes, it's true, I admit it. I wanna take as many people to Heaven with me as I possibly can . And so we need to know about Heaven. I've always studied Heaven, I've always been fascinated by it. I wouldn't say I'm an expert on it at all, but I would say I am a student of it.

I probably became a greater student of it no doubt in 2008 when my son went to Heaven. He beat me to Heaven.  My son Christopher was 33 at the time. Now Christopher and I used to race each other on the beach. And he was a runner he was out in track and field he was very good, but I was okay as a runner in high school. And so I was a bit younger. And so we'd be on the beach, and I'd race him all the time. And I'd say let's race to that mark down there and you know and I was better at short distance and he was better at long distance. So I always picked a distance that favored me right? 'Cause I would run out of steam quicker than he would.

Let's run to that mark and so, ready, go. And I'd you know would run and I'd get ahead of him, and I beat ya again, you didn't beat me yet. In one day we're walkin' along the beach I said okay, I picked a spot. Let's go on your mark get set go. And off we went, he be made. Ahh, it finally happened. Well that happened in life too.

You know I expected that I would go way before him to Heaven. In fact written on his tombstone are the words I fought the good fight, I kept the faith, I finished the course. And that is what we are all going to do and we don't know how long the course will be. Some of us may run that course for 85, 95 years. Some of us may run that course for 45 years. Some of us may run the course for 18 years. Some of us may run it for 64 years. Some may run it for 33 years like my son. We don't know, none of us know.

That's why wanna run as well as we can and as hard as we can while we can. Because one day will be our last day and then we're in eternity, and then we're standing before the Lord.

In the videos above, Greg goes on to talk about what the Bible says Heaven will be like, and why our eyes need to be focused, not on the things of this world – but of eternity.

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