The Cure To Worry

In his message, The Cure To Worry, Pastor Greg Laurie wants you to understand that you can have victory over worry! Faith and worry are mutually exclusive, and God has equipped us with everything we need to overcome our worry and choose Him.

When you have a relationship with God, you experience a fullness of joy. God tells us we can rejoice even when we are facing an uncertain future. This is especially true now, as we fight a global pandemic. The world has experienced the gravity of this emotional event collectively, and we now have a chance to point people towards hope.

“Worry puts our priorities out of whack and we find ourselves being pulled in different directions. Hope pulls us one way, and fear another. We end up focussing on the wrong things,” says Greg.

“When Paul was under house arrest, he was still rejoicing. His secret to victory over worry was to be anxious for nothing because of his absolute trust in God. He experienced for himself the peace of God that surpassed all understanding.”

Greg believes that the believer should not worry. It is not only unproductive, but it is a failure to trust God. Worry chokes you. It creates a mental and emotional strangulation in your life that makes thing worse. You cripple yourself in the present. Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, but today of its strength.

“Instead of worrying I should rejoice,” continues Greg. “The Bible says to rejoice in the Lord always. Rejoicing is a scriptural command. To fail to rejoice is actual disobedience to God. We don’t always rejoice in our circumstances, but we should always rejoice in the Lord. I’m so thankful that despite the bad things, God is on the throne and He still loves me.”

Greg has 3 tips to help us all be released from worry

1. Right praying – The next time you’re tempted to worry, pray instead. Make it a conditioned reflex (something we learn to do), to turn to God instead of worrying. When trouble comes our way, our natural reflex is to worry. But lets turn worry into worship. Teach yourself to turn to God immediately. In everything, let your requests be made known to Him and He will give you supernatural peace.

2. Right thinking – Meditate on things that are true and noble. Start by controlling your thoughts and asking is this true, is this helpful? We have to consider what we think about, because it ultimately affects what we do. Bring every though captive to God. Try talking to yourself, even preach a little sermon! The bible says to do this. Correct your own thinking, quote the word of God and remind yourself what is true. We all feel despair, and experience lapses of faith, and things we don’t understand. When that happens, turn to the word of God.

3. Right living – It’s as simple as doing what we know is right. Sin can infiltrate our lives and mess up everything. We are in danger of developing hard hearts, and our consciences become seared. Living right with God results in experiencing the peace of God. We carry the weight of our sin, but God punished Jesus in the way that we should have been punished. Jesus paid the debt He didn’t owe; He was our substitution.

“God made way for every single one of us to have peace”, says Greg. “Will you choose faith over worry today?”

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