How to Share the Gospel with Muslims

During a recent Question and Answer session, Ravi Zacharias was asked how should we share the Gospel with Muslims – especially when they seem so strong and happy in their own beliefs?

Before even beginning to share the Gospel, Ravi says the most important thing is to “try and befriend them first”.

“If you get into a vacuous argument, you will almost never win it unless you have protracted opportunities back and forth."

“First, understand your faith well.  It’s very important for you to understand what the Christian faith is about, which is very distinctive from the Islamic world view. The Christian world view is the only world view where your salvation is a gift of grace, not of works.  There is no other world view that gives you that option.”

“If you ask a Muslim how he knows he is going to get into Paradise, his answer would be, ‘My good deeds will have to outweigh my bad deeds.’ And you ask him a simple question, ‘Do you know if they will?’”

“Almost every Muslim that I have talked to, has come to Christ in one of two ways:

  1. Through a dream where God spoke to them.

  2. Through the love of Christ shown to that Muslim by another believer.”

In the video above, Ravi goes on to share personal stories of Muslims he has known over the years that have come to know Christ.

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