Is Truth Dead? – Ravi Zacharias

The most powerful weapon in the world is not the bomb, the most powerful weapon in the world is the truth.

Ravi Zacharias shares in the video above and the text below about the rapidly changing world we now find ourselves in…

“I do not recall when I have ever lived through a time where there is so much that is going wrong, and so much that is unexplainable.  Yet at the same time, the proliferation of information so people are reading so many things from morning till night.  The struggle with that is they don’t know what they are reading – if it’s true or false."

“Once upon a time you had to earn the right to be heard.   People had to know something about you.  They had to know your credentials, your track record, what your life has been like and all of that. ”

“Today anybody can get in front of a computer and type out whatever they wish.  They don’t have to defend it, they don’t even have to give us their name.  And yet, we read and read and read.  We find out how confused our world has become.”

“The tragedy is, the more we have access to, and the more we are living with an abundance of supplies, have you ever realised how empty we have become at the same time?”

After addressing some of the recent celebrity suicides where people have lost all purpose and hope for life, Ravi says, “the Gospel is the only message I know which coherently answers all of the deepest questions of the heart and soul.  But not just coherently, but specifically to particular questions gives us the truth.”

“’I am the way, the truth and the life,’ said our Lord.  And if you take that triad in an answer – the way, the truth, the life, you begin to see how critical it was that He stated it that way.  But we are living in a time when truth has died.”

Watch the video above to hear Ravi's full message.

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