Why Did God Create Sin and Satan?

In a recent Question and Answer session at the University of Florida, Ravi Zacharias was asked: ‘If God created every fibre of our being, every atom, every impulse, did he not also create our sin? Did he not also create Satan and his actions?’

“When you know that a perfect, infinite God has created you and me,” Ravi answers. “There are only four possibilities of God and creation:

1. God would create nothing.
2. God would create a world where there was no such thing as good and evil.
3. He would create a world where we would only choose good.
4. Create this world where there is the possibility of good and evil with the freedom given to us.”

The world we live in is “the only one where love is possible.  If love is the supreme ethic and love is the ethic and the longing towards we all strive, this is the only one of the four possibilities where love is given to us as a legitimate possibility.”

“When you are a parent, you look at life very differently than before you raised your first child.  Then, when you’re a grandparent you look at it even more differently.  When you are a parent you are so pre-occupied with the worries and the fears that your time is given over to that stress.  When you’ve got grandkids, the wonderful thing is somebody else does the worrying and you can just hug and hold and say good-bye at the end of the day and get your life and house back again.”

“When my grandson Jude was three-and-a-half years old, his mother had lost her car keys and she’s looking all over the place and she can’t find them.  She pauses, slaps her head and says ‘I must be losing my mind’.  Jude comes in and stands in front of her and says, ‘Mummy, whatever you do please don’t ever lose your heart because I’m in there.’ Tell me, where does he come up with something like that?  Love is the craving of the human heart to belong in the sacredness and trust of a relationship, and that is what you long for and I long for.”

“God in giving us freedom, gave us the greatest possible gift we could ever have, with the great possible vulnerability at the same time.  And once you know Him and follow Him and love Him and enjoy His love, you will realise for the sake of love and the sake of that relationship with you He gives you that freedom.   There are only two kinds of destinies that you have – you can bend your knee to God and say to Him, ‘Your will be done’.  Or you refuse to bend that knee to Him and He says to you, ‘your will be done’.”

“If He really wants us to enjoy the freedom of what this gift is really all about for creativity, then this is the world that gives you possibility of love and the beauty of the sacredness of a relationship.”

“The more you get to know Him, the less you ask the other question because you know in His wisdom He has an explanation that in time and in eternity will ultimately be revealed.”

Another example Ravi gives of this relationship can be likened to the pain children go through to get vaccinated without understanding that the short term pain is for their long term benefit.

“You take your two-year-old to a doctor for an injection and the doctor is about to jab that needle and the two-year-old starts screaming.  On the way back they sit in the back of the car and say, ‘I don’t understand my mother, she brought me here for him to jab this in my arm.  Not only that, I saw her paying him for doing that to me.’”

“And then comes a few years that goes by and there’s a disease stalking the land.  And that little one has grown up and said, ‘If my other hadn’t done that, I would be a victim for what exactly in plaguing the country right now.”

“Time is a necessary component for understanding the big picture.  I have no doubt God gives us the big picture when we say, ‘I now get it’.”

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