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WARNING – As Australia’s Courageous Door-knocking NO Campaigners persevere…

Three bold Australian sisters aged 17, 18 and 20 have taken to the streets in a door knocking campaign telling people the truth about what is happening in countries after they redefined marriage.

The Culture Driving the Marriage Debate – Peter Kently

“We have allowed the separation of church and state to diminish our influence in the institutions of the nations. The freedom that we really want to defend is the freedom in Christ to do good, the freedom to love, the freedom to care, the freedom to think of other people and what is the highest good of other people.

Christian Response to The Project Goes Viral

Jereton Edwards, 22 years old from Brisbane, made a Christian video response to Magda’s comments. Robbo and Becci interview him about going viral.

Ephesians 5:25

Redefining Marriage – Bob McCoskrie on the NZ Experience

Australia need not look that far to find examples of the kind of negative impact changing the law may have

Do You Oppose Same Sex Marriage? – ‘Shut Up and Go Away!’

This confronting message was made by Australian Christian Lobby Managing Director Lyle Shelton during a discussion with Neil Johnson today.

Australian Marriage Act Explained

Gay Marriage After the Honeymoon – Augusto Zimmerman

Same sex marriage may look rosy at the start, but as other countries have discovered the law can quickly change. Hear how Dr Augusto Zimmerman has intimated it can play out: If the religious exemptions don’t get you the anti-discrimination laws more than likely will.

Church Cancels Wedding Over Same-Sex Marriage Views

The Prime Minister has defended the prerogative of churches to decide which marriage ceremonies they will officiate.

Anglicans Disagree on Same Sex Campaign

An Anglican Dean has attacked a one million dollar donation by the Sydney Diocese to the same-sex marriage ‘no’ campaign.

Same-sex Opponents Launch Campaign

Opponents of same-sex marriage are officially launching a national campaign as millions of Australians cast their votes in a postal survey.

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