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Fear No Evil: Finding Courage In A World Gone Mad – Globalism

by | Wed, Nov 22 2023

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As followers of Jesus, how can we go from fear to faith in the midst of the constant changes, challenges and chaos that define our world today? Under these circumstances, how can we continue to look to a brighter future?

In his 9th annual Understanding The Times Tour, Dr Kameel Majdali addresses these issues and more, sharing his belief that it’s God’s will for us to be situationally aware. As Christians, we need to know how to respond to some of the big cultural and social shifts that are occurring around us.

A Burdensome Stone

What is the significance of Jerusalem in the current state of the world? In Zechariah 12, it is referred to as a burdensome stone, that the people of the earth will gather against. It sits in the middle of the world’s landmass and everyone is obsessed with it, which makes no sense in the natural.

‘Jerusalem has none of the ingredients of greatness,’ says Kameel. ‘It’s not a major city. It’s not on any port. It has no great natural resources, just a handful of holy sites. Why does the world care? Because Zachariah prophesied 2500 years ago it would be an international obsession, and eventually, in Zachariah 14, it will lead to a conflict where the Messiah steps in.’

The Ten Kings

Many Christians are also asking if the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) is part of the ten kings spoken about in the Bible. These emerging economies have joined together as a counterbalance to the G20 grouping of Western nations, which has an increasingly globalist agenda.

‘The BRICS want a gold-backed international currency because the United States dollar hasn’t been backed by gold for over 50 years,’ says Kameel. ‘They want to preserve their history, heritage and culture, and not morph into one size fits all globalism. There’s possibly some good motives with the BRICS, but like everything, we need to watch and pray.’

A Hope And A Future

How can we be hopeful for our welfare when there is so much uncertainty around us? Part of the basis of that fear is losing control over our lives. When COVID hit, not only was it a potential threat to life, it also threatened the world we once knew. But Kameel believes that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

‘Losing control or feeling you’re losing control can create fear,’ says Kameel. ‘The way to deal with it is not to run and hide or quiver in the corner, shaking with anxiety. The way to handle it is to do business with God. Hand everything over to Him because He is in control, and He knows how to counteract our fear with His presence.’

The Good Shepherd

‘We don’t control everything,’ says Kameel. ‘We don’t hold all the cards in our hands. We don’t have the key to anything, but God does. So it’s time to commit ourselves wholeheartedly 100% to Jesus Christ. Let Him truly be not just our Lord and Saviour and Redeemer, but our Good Shepherd.’

‘That’s the beauty of repentance, grace and the Gospel. We can transfer our allegiance from being fully alive to the world to fully alive in Christ.’

Watch Finding Courage in a World Gone Mad with Kameel Majdali below: