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Fear No Evil: Finding Courage In A World Gone Mad – The Mark Of The Beast

by | Wed, Nov 8 2023

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As followers of Jesus, how can we go from fear to faith in the midst of the constant changes, challenges and chaos that define our world today? Under these circumstances, how can we continue to look to a brighter future?

In his 9th annual Understanding The Times Tour, Dr Kameel Majdali addresses these issues and more, sharing his belief that it’s God’s will for us to be situationally aware. As Christians, we need to know how to respond to some of the big cultural and social shifts that are occurring around us.

The Problem With Alarmism

In anticipation of a future where Christians who refuse the mark of the beast may face challenges in buying or selling, what are the implications of trying to prepare ourselves? Are we placing our trust in our reserves, or are we ultimately placing our trust in God?

‘I don’t have a problem with what I call common sense sensible prepping,’ says Kameel. ‘I do have a problem with alarmism because prepping is a multi-million-dollar business. And any kind of sales pitch that appeals to our sense of fear, I reject.’

Trusting In God

Kameel does believe that preparing for things like disruptions in our supply chains falls under the realm of common sense. It doesn’t hurt to have extra staples like batteries and torches. It doesn’t hurt if you have the money and feel led, to get a generator so you can charge phones and computers.

‘But if you put your trust in anything of this world besides God,’ says Kameel, ‘it’s no longer a thing that is useful to you. It becomes an idol and a distraction. Let’s pray that God will move in such a way that we won’t have any serious long-term emergencies in which to put it to use.’

The Antichrist

We know in 1 John 2:18-23 that the Antichrist is in the world. In fact, it says there are many Antichrists. One theory Kameel believes is that in every generation there is an Antichrist who, like a sleeper cell, just sits there waiting for the right time.

‘That may be what actually happened throughout 2000 years of church history,’ says Kameel. ‘I think we need to be open to that possibility. The Antichrist could be alive right now. However, we may buy ourselves some time through an end-time revival, in which case he’ll have to wait.’

The Importance of Israel

Christians have long since wrestled with the issue of Israel’s importance, but Kameel believes it’s not a political issue. It’s a biblical, spiritual and prophetic issue. God does not play favourites. There is a big difference between favouritism and election because favouritism means favouring one party to the detriment of everybody else. But election is where you pick a person, a family or a nation for the benefit of everybody.

‘They were given the law,’ says Kameel. ‘They were given the covenant. They’re given the house of God and the glory of God. But all of this isn’t just for their benefit. It’s for ours too. Why isn’t it taught? Either it’s out of ignorance or bias. At the same time, there can be an overemphasis as well.’

‘We need to be careful that we are being led by the Holy Spirit.’

Watch Finding Courage in a World Gone Mad with Kameel Majdali below: