Spiritual Waves in the South Pacific

Waves of enthusiasm are sweeping across the South Pacific as many of our island neighbours prepare for new ways of local outreach.


Putting up an aerial in PNGIn PNG, local teens have been so eager to reach their peers through radio that they’ve approached UCB Bougainville for training even before the application for a new youth station was approved.

Ben Forward, one of Vision‘s technicians, has been to Bougainville to install the first Christian Youth radio on Buka Island.

Please pray for studios to be set up and another three stations to be installed.  Pray also for UCB Bougainville, now an affiliated station in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (North Solomons Province) PNG and for Chairman Pastor Albert Magoi and for those superkeen young people wanting to reach Bougainville for Jesus.

Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are also gearing up for a new radio outreach and also for the first local edition of The Word for Today. The government of the Solomons has been really on-side and keen to see Christian influence across the region.


Bougainville and the Solomons are just two places which have benefited from the technical expertise developed by Vision Christian Media in getting Christian radio to isolated places in Australia.

Part of Vision‘s tithe goes to support our Asian and Pacific neighbours; this includes helping them in the production of The Word for Today or helping them through the process of getting radio installations up and running. Recent beneficiaries have also included Nepal and Vanuatu. Please pray for them and also Samoa, the Cook Islands and East Timor.


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