Too Ashamed to Walk with God

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One of the purposes of Vision Christian Media's is to help, support and encourage Christians who may find they're struggling in the Christian lives. James from Adelaide called Robbo and Becci on the Rise and Shine programme to thank Vision Radio for helping to restore his faith in Jesus Christ.

James is a Christian who had done some things he was ashamed of and could no longer bring himself to pray or read God’s Word.
“Just a few months ago I was in a place where I was too ashamed to walk with God,” James confessed. Then a friend of his, not aware of James’ circumstances, suggested he listen to Vision Radio.

“He said it’s 1611 AM here in Adelaide, and I thought oh yeah, yeah, yeah,” was James’ ho hum response, far from convinced it would be of any help. But after a couple of weeks James decided to turn his car radio to Vision.

“I just turned it on one afternoon when I had to do some driving,” James said before letting Robbo and Becci know just what sort of a bloke he was.

“Now I’m a blokey bloke and I don’t really like expressing my emotions too openly. So say what you like about it but that’s how I am,” James said defensively but friendly. Now for the punchline. James explained what happened next.
“By the time the fourth or fifth song came on in between the talks and what you were saying, I actually had to pull the car over because I was crying too much.”

God was telling me ‘I love you.'

“Right there and then God was telling me ‘I love you, I care about you, don’t worry about what you have done. Repent of it, come and have a relationship with Me. I care about you,” James testified, and thanked Robbo and Becci for what they’re doing.
“And there are a lot of people in areas you don’t even know or think of that are encouraged by what you do.”

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